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Do You Know What To Do If You Smell Natural Gas?

Natural gas is naturally colorless and odorless. So, Columbia Gas adds an odorant called mercaptan to give it a distinctive smell — similar to rotten eggs or petroleum — making it easy to identify should a gas leak occur.

If you smell a rotten-egg-like odor, follow the ground rules from Columbia Gas and keep yourself, your family and your neighbors safe.

1.      STOP what you’re doing. 
Don't smoke or light a match. Don't open the windows. Don’t use anything that could cause a spark, like a phone, light switch, appliance or flashlight. Don’t start your car or use your garage door to leave.

2.      LEAVE the area immediately. 
If you're inside, get out immediately. If you're outside, leave the area quickly.

3.      CALL 911 and Columbia Gas.
From a safe location, away from the odor, call 911 and the Columbia Gas emergency number 1-800-344-4077, and wait for crews to arrive.

For more information about natural gas safety, read more about reporting natural gas leaks.

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