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North Ridgeville Codified Ordinance, Part Ten, Title Six, Chapter 1062. Cemeteries

North Ridgeville municipally owns and maintains three cemeteries:  Ridgeville Cemetery, Sugar Ridge Cemetery and Fields Cemetery.  Marc Allen, Cemetery Sexton, can be reached by calling (440) 336-2259 or by email at [email protected].  Graves are available for purchase to residents and non-residents.  Maps of these cemeteries can be viewed in the Office of the Clerk of Council at City Hall and questions related to availability of specific lots can be addressed by the Sexton.  Rules and regulations can be found in North Ridgeville Codified Ordinances, Chapter 1062, cemeteries

1062.07 Lot Charges:
The Sexton shall receive for each grave lot of eight feet by three and one-half feet, whether sold singly or as double lots, five hundred dollars ($500.00) per grave lot for residents and seven hundred dollars ($700.00) for nonresidents. If at any time a separate section of any cemetery is laid out for infants, the charge shall be seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for a grave two feet by two feet for residents and two hundred dollars ($200.00) for nonresidents.

1062.08 Service Charges:
The Sexton shall receive the following charges for the services rendered as hereinafter set forth:

a) Internments:
Nonresident:  Infant:  $250.00 plus the cost of lot
Crematory Burial:  $300.00 plus the cost of the lot
Adult:  $525.00 plus cost of the lot

Resident: Infant:  $175.00 plus the cost of lot
Crematory Burial:  $250.00 plus the cost of the lot
Adult:  $450.00 plus cost of the lot
Weekend / Extra Charges:
Saturday/Sunday:  450.00
Holiday Charge:  $900.00
Additional charges shall be as determined by the Sexton, as approved by the Mayor.

b)  Disinterment:
Adults:  $1,600.00
Infants/Cremains:  $1,000.00
No disinterment will be done on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

c)  Disinterment and interment in same grave:
Adults:  $1,600.00, plus $350.00
Infants/Cremains:  $1,000.00, plus $125.00

d) Disinterment and interment in new grave:
Adults:  $1,600.00, plus $350.00 and cost of the lot
Infants/Cremains:  $1,000.00, plus $125.00 and cost of the lot

e)  Headstone or marker foundation only:
Single:  $175.00
Double:  $250.00
Infants:  $125.00
Corner Marker:  $25.00 per marker (single or double)
An additional fifty dollars ($50.00) per foot shall be
Charged for anything over one foot by four feet

f) Concrete footer (one foot by four feet by one foot):  $125.00 per grave.  For each additional surface square foot of concrete footer in excess of one foot by four feet by one foot (surface size), there shall be a charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00)

Cemetery Hours:
8 AM-Sunset

1. No more than three decorative arrangements per grave site.
2. All winter decorations will be removed one week prior to Palm Sunday.
3. All spring decorations will be removed one week prior to Thanksgiving.
4. No dogs allowed. 
5. No mounds, fence, railing, coping, curb, wall, hedge or enclosure of any kind shall be erected on or around any grave or lot.
6. No lot or grave shall be covered, in whole or part, by sand, gravel, broken stone, cinders or any other substance which may prevent full growth of grass.
7. Flower pots or flower pot holders shall not exceed eight inches in diameter. 

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