City of North Ridgeville

Mayor's Message

Mayor Kevin Corcoran
I’d like to thank all those North Ridgeville residents who exercised their right to vote in November. We are pleased that all eight amendments to the City’s Charter were approved at the ballot box. We appreciate your support and we'll be getting to work to implement these changes over the coming weeks.

Next, we are turning our attention to the development of a citywide master plan. The last plan was completed in 2009, and much has changed in the intervening years, not just locally but regionally and nationally. Given our growth and the great potential of our community, the time is right to establish a new Master Plan to set a positive course of action for the future. The plan will cover a wide range of topics such as housing, infrastructure and recreation, with special emphasis on land use and economic development. A land use plan that is aligned with our economic development goals will help us manage growth and change over the coming years, and help the City to take advantage of new opportunities.

We understand that the Master Plan should respond to the needs of all those impacted by it, including residents, businesses and other constituent groups. To that end, a volunteer steering committee has been formed to assist with outreach and provide feedback throughout the process. The committee will help us to encourage involvement, as well as increase awareness about this planning initiative in the community. Once completed, this is not a plan that we intend to place on the proverbial shelf. The planning process will ensure that actions are tied to specific timeframes, responsibilities, resources and tools needed to make them happen, so we can benchmark our progress moving forward.

We hope you are as energized as we are to embark upon this Master Plan effort! As we kick off the New Year, there will be numerous opportunities for residents to get involved and share their ideas. More information will be posted on our website at and on our City of North Ridgeville Government Facebook page.  

I wish you very happy holidays!


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