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Mayor Kevin Corcoran
As we move into summer, many of us are looking forward to the long days of sunshine, upcoming vacations and enjoying some moments of rest and relaxation. At City Hall, we remain busy moving our capital projects forward and ensuring city services are meeting the needs of our community. This year in particular provides us an opportunity to reflect on how we deliver services as a city government.

Every six years a Charter Review Committee comprised of nine North Ridgeville residents is convened for the purpose of recommending revisions and amendments to our City Charter. Our Charter is the legal framework through which our city exercises its powers of self-government. Every charter can be unique, reflecting the government structure desired by residents of that community. As our city grows, our needs change and new technologies and methods of service delivery are developed. Our Charter should also evolve with the times.

The Charter Review Committee will be meeting in May and June and will present their recommendations to Council this summer. Committee meetings are open to the public and community input is encouraged! Recommendations will be placed on the November ballot for consideration by voters. Keep informed about upcoming meetings and proposed Charter amendments by visiting our city website at

If you have any questions, please call my office at (440) 353-0811.


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