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Zoning establishes what uses can be located in what areas and how property can be developed in North Ridgeville. Planning and zoning reviews are required for all new construction, building additions, alterations and site improvements that are governed by the Zoning Code. The review process varies depending on the type of project.

Residential Permits
Residential projects are reviewed for zoning compliance upon submission for building permit. In addition to new dwellings, frequent residential permits requiring zoning review include home additions, decks, swimming pools, accessory storage buildings and fences. If a project meets the requirements of the Zoning Code and applicable building codes, permits can be issued. If a project does not meet the requirements of the Zoning Code, the property owner has the option of either bringing their project into compliance or making application to the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals to request a zoning variance.

New residential subdivisions are reviewed for compliance with both the City’s Subdivision Regulations, as well as the applicable requirements of the underlying zoning district. Planning Commission and Council approval are required. If variances from the Zoning Code are proposed, additional approval is required by the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals.

Commercial Projects
All new commercial construction and development projects involving exterior changes to property require review and planning approval, either through an Administrative Review process or Council Review process, depending on the nature of the proposed project. If variances from the Zoning Code are proposed, additional approval is required by the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals. The process begins with a Pre-Application Meeting with the Director of Planning and Economic Development. The applicant will be guided to the correct process and provided with a checklist of required submittals. See the Development Review Flow Chart and Chapter 1243 of the Zoning Code to learn more about the City’s review process and submittal requirements.

New Businesses
Where a new business is moving into an existing building or building unit, and not proposing exterior changes other than signage, zoning review is still required. Any change of use, establishment of a new use or new business occupancy must be reviewed and issued a Certificate of Zoning Compliance. The New Business Application should only be used for new businesses/ changes in use for permitted uses that do not involve exterior changes to buildings or properties. If you have a question whether this application is applicable to your proposal, please contact us.

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