City of North Ridgeville
French Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

The French Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is wholly owned and operated by the citizens of North Ridgeville and is located at 2350 Abbe Road in Sheffield Village, Ohio. The plant serves North Ridgeville, Avon and Sheffield through main underground interceptor sewer lines. North Ridgeville took full ownership of the sewer treatment facility in the latter part of 2008 when all notes were then paid in full. 

French Creek was built in 1975 by the Ohio Water Development Authorities (OWDA) and was purchased from the State of Ohio by the City of North Ridgeville in 1983. While the plant is several decades old, North Ridgeville has continually upgraded and maintained operations of the plant. We have invested millions of dollars to ensure that we remain current with technology and in compliance with the ever-changing environmental guidelines. French Creek is ready to serve its growing customer base well into the future with safe, sanitary and cost effective treatment of sewage. 

In late 2012, French Creek partnered up with Quasar Energy Group (local station known as Three Creek Bioenergy) to reduce the amount of sludge that lay idle in the plant and help reduce odors emitted to the environment. Three Creek Bioenergy removes all sludge by-products from the plant and hauls it to farm fields for composting, helping to reduce overhead costs to the City of North Ridgeville. 

The plant operates 24 hours per day with two shifts rotating daily to maintain and monitor the best working conditions of the equipment, keeping the water released back into French Creek clean and safe. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday from 7 AM-4 PM in which residents can call (440) 934-5251 to have any questions or concerns answered by staff.

FCWWTP Staff Directory
 Corey Timko Superintendent
 Tracey Weller Assistant Superintendent
 Scott Rollins Maintenance Supervisor
 Matt Zemantauski Operations Manager
 Sylvia Alberts Secretary
 Quasar Energy Group (216) 986-9999

2350 Abbe Road
Sheffield Village, OH 44054
Phone: (440) 934-5251
Fax: (440) 934-2008

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