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Building Department

The Building Department was created to assure the public safety, health, and welfare through timely and professional Plans Examination and in-process, progressive construction Inspection of Residential and Commercial buildings.

All of our plans examiners and inspectors are certified by the Ohio Board of Building Standards to enforce the Residential Code of Ohio and Ohio Building Codes. Our primary goal of the building codes is life safety.

By submitting your plans and application for permits, you help us do our part to make sure the design and the construction of your project meet our primary goal and protect you as well.

Feel free to call the Building Department to schedule an appointment to discuss your project with our staff. Ask if a permit is required for your project. Some permits will require a plan review, if so you should plan at least 3 weeks from the time you submit your application until the permit can be picked up.

Our permit process starts when you submit an application along with any supporting drawings (if required). If there is a site plan it goes to the City Engineer for review. Your application and drawings go to our Plan Examiner. After the exam of the plan is complete, the information is logged into our database and you will receive a call to let you know that your permit is ready and what the fee amount will be. The Building Department will accept payments at the walk-up window at City Hall in the form of cash, check or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).  When you receive your permit, you will receive a list of required inspections. During the construction phase, you or your contractor must contact the building department at least 24 hours prior to any inspections that are required. We will work with you to help your project be successful and meet all code requirements.
Ohio Utilities Protection Service - Call 811 Before You Dig
If you plan to dig, the Ohio Revised Code states that "at least forty eight hours but not more than ten days before commencing excavation, the excavator shall notify the protection service of the location of the excavation site and the date on which the excavation is planned to commence." Call Ohio Utilities Protection Service (O.U.P.S.) at 1-800-362-2764 or 8-1-1.  This applies to not only excavators but residents that plan to dig or demolish any structure including post hole digging, landscaping, sign installation, etc. For more information, visit the O.U.P.S. website at:
Building Department Staff
 Guy Fursdon Chief Building Official
 Paul Blanchette Building Inspector
 Shane Taylor Building Inspector
 Joe Voros Building Inspector
 Dan P. Lenahan Building Inspector
 Joe P. Lenahan Building Inspector
 James E. Lenahan Building Inspector
 Penny Smith Secretary
 Tina Angle Secretary

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