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Legal Notice, French Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Storage Facility


Sealed proposals will be received at the Office of the Mayor, City Hall, 7307 Avon Belden Road, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039 until 11:00 AM (Local Time) on November 20, 2023 and will be opened and read immediately thereafter for the:


The work will consist of the construction of a new sludge storage building with a concrete floor and walls and a fabric roof system. Demolition is required of a small existing structure.

Bidders will be required to use the bid forms, which will be available along with the bid specifications from the Office of French Creek WWTP, 2350 Abbe Road, Sheffield Village, Ohio 44054. Bid forms are also available electronically by email upon request. Email [email protected] for a bid document pdf. Electronic copies of the bid proposals will be available. Contact the French Creek Wastewater Facility at (440) 934-5251 between the hours of 8 AM to 4 PM for further details. No documents will be mailed.

Each proposal shall be accompanied by a bid guarantee which shall consist of an Ohio Statutory Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond, substantially in the form prescribed by ORC 153.57 in a penal amount equal to or greater than 100% of the bid price. No other form of bond is acceptable. Bid security furnished in bond form shall be issued by a surety Company or Corporation licensed in the State of Ohio to provide said surety.

The City of North Ridgeville, Ohio reserves the right to reject any or all Bids and to waive any irregularities in bidding. Each proposal must contain the full name of the party or parties submitting the proposal and all persons interested therein. Each bidder must submit evidence of its experiences on projects of similar size and complexity. Each proposal must contain labels that identify the bid form and the insurance bid bond information.

Sealed bids must be marked on the front of the envelope: “French Creek WWTP Sludge Storage Facility”

All questions during bidding shall be emailed to [email protected].  The email should have the project title in the subject line.

All contractors and subcontractors involved with the project will, to the extent practicable, use Ohio products, materials, services, and labor in the implementation of their project. Additionally, contractor compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity requirements of Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 123, the Governor’s Executive Order of 1972, and Governor’s Executive Order 84-9, shall be required.

Bidders must comply with the prevailing wage rates on Public Improvements in Lorain County and the City of North Ridgeville, Ohio, as determined by the Department of Commerce, Division of Labor and Worker Safety, Bureau of Wage and Hour.

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