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How Do I Become A Firefighter?
Thank you for your interest in a fire fighting career with the City of North Ridgeville. The North Ridgeville Fire Department is the largest dual-role, fire and EMS provider in Lorain County. Our growing department has a progressive attitude toward safety, customer service, and lifelong learning by our members. We encourage you to consider a career in firefighting and come join our team. The City of North Ridgeville is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Salary:  Fire Fighter/Paramedic C starting salary as of January 2020 is $62,688.86.  A new employee shall receive an initial clothing allowance of five hundred ($500.00) dollars payable to the employee immediately upon employment with the Department, and said employee shall receive an additional five hundred ($500.00) dollars posted as credit at a fire­fighter supply store designated by the employer upon the completion of one (1) year of service.
Life Insurance:  The City shall supply each full-time employee with life insurance in the amount of thirty thousand ($30,000.00) dollars at no cost to the employee.
Paid Leave (per year):
•      Vacation Days
•      Holidays
•      K-Days
•      Sick Leave
Schedule:  The standard work week is 50.769 hours. This shall be  accomplished by placing employees on a twenty-six (26) day work cycle with the employee being given off any tour in excess of eight (8) in any work cycle with additional K-days given to accomplish 2640 hours, annually. 
Pension/Retirement:  Employees are eligible for retirement through the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Systems. As a member of Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund (OP&F), once you reach a certain age and obtain sufficient service credit, you are eligible to receive a pension for life. The size of the pension depends upon a variety of factors. More information about OP&F’s retirement plans can be found on the OP&F website. 
Salary Progression:  The North Ridgeville Professional Fire Fighters Local 2129, through its collective bargaining agreement with the City of North Ridgeville, negotiates salary progression.
Workers’ Compensation:  Medical bills are paid and disability payments are made in accordance with the State of Ohio Bureau or Workers’ Compensation Laws.
Health Care Benefits:  The city provides a generous health care plan for employees and family members. Cost sharing is subject to the North Ridgeville Professional Fire Fighters, Local 2129 collective bargaining agreement.
Educational Incentive:  When the employee receives or has received an Associate Degree in Fire Science/Technology, Urban Studies, Community Health, Associates of Applied Science Fire and EMS or Public Safety Management after his/her date of hire, the employee shall receive eighteen hundred dollars ($1,800.00) annually. If an employee reaches or has received a Bachelor Degree in Fire Science/Technology, Urban Studies, Community Health, or Public Safety Management after his/her date of hire, he/she shall receive twenty four hundred dollars ($2,400.00) annually.
Hiring Process:  The City of North Ridgeville conducts a Fire Fighter/Paramedic entrance examination approximately every two (2) years. The entrance examination begins with an agility test and a written exam.  Successful candidates may then be invited to a fire department interview, Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA), psychological examination and a physical examination, as determined by the Police & Firemen's Disability & Pension Fund before being offered a position.
Minimum Entrance Examination Qualifications:
•      Age: NRCO Section 248.03 Eligibility for Original Appointment. Minimum age requirements are as stated in the Ohio Revised Code 124.42.
•      Education: All applicants must be graduates of a standard four year high school or equivalent.
•      Citizenship: All applicants must be citizens of the United States or have a valid permanent resident card pursuant to ORC 124.22.
•      Certification: All candidates must be certified as paramedics in the state of Ohio at the time of their appointment.
Physical Agility Test Must Be Taken At:
Cuyahoga Community College
Fire Fighter Training Academy
Western Campus
11000 Pleasant Valley Road
Parma, OH 44130
(216) 987-5076
Upon passing the agility test, certification will be provided. A copy of the certification must be submitted to:
Civil Service Commission
North Ridgeville City Hall
7307 Avon Belden Road
North Ridgeville, OH 44039
The firefighter’s physical agility test consists of five tasks (described below) over a timed course. Please note that a qualifying time of seven (7) minutes or better must be achieved in order to participate in the North Ridgeville Fire Fighter/Paramedic written examination.  Anything over seven minutes constitutes a failed agility exam.
Cuyahoga Community College will issue a certificate of completion indicating the time it takes to complete the tasks. The certificates are valid for one year.

Task 1          Stair Climb with High Rise Pack

Carry a high-rise standpipe pack (2-50-foot sections of 1½-inch hose weighing 50 pounds) to the third floor of the fire tower. Deposit the hose in the designated location. After Task 2 is completed, this hose will be returned down the stairs to the starting location.                                                                                                                                      

Task 2          Hose Hoist

From a third story window, using a hand motion hoist a 50-foot donut roll of 2½ -inch hose (about 50 pounds) connected by 5/8-inch rope. This task will be completed twice.                                                                                                                                

Task 3          Forcible Entry

Using the Keiser Force Machine, and a nine-pound hammer, drive a steel beam 5 feet.                                                                                                                        

Task 4          Hose Advance

Pick up the nozzle and move a 1¾-inch charged hose straight forward 75 feet.                                                                                                                   

Task 5          Victim Rescue

Drag a 175-pound dummy a distance of 100 feet.

Applicants may be rejected for a deficiency, abnormality, or disease which would, in the opinion of the medical examiner, interfere with the efficient performance of the duties of the position.
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