Thoughts From Rita
I can not begin to express the love, compassion and faith I feel from all of you here at the Senior Center! The outpouring of love, comfort, caring, kind words and especially the prayers have been overwhelming. As most of you know, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer several months ago. While it was a shock and a life changing experience for my family and myself, I know with everyone’s love, support, prayers and God’s help, it will be O.K.
Until this year I have never stayed over in the hospital except when I had my tonsils out as a child and when my children were born. Since May I have had more hospital stays and doctor visits than my previous entire 55 years of my life combined. It’s all good! By the time you read this, I should be well on my way with radiation and chemo treatments and ready to kick the big “C”.
While I will be working very limited hours, you are all in good hands with the wonderful staff we have here at the Senior Center. Each staff person does a great job and has been helping in a variety of ways to make things continue to run smoothly. Also, we have Kitty who always does a fantastic job filling in as the Director, when I am out of the office. You are all in good hands with Kitty and our staff and they are all very busy making plans for the Holidays which are quickly upon us.
Be sure to join us Saturday, December 2 for our annual Christmas Craft Show from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Our craft ladies are already busy making their famous Christmas wreaths. Because of the Holidays, we had to combine our “Young at Heart” breakfast and “Ladies’ Brunch” on November 30. You won’t want to miss this special morning as the “Forever Young Tappers” entertain with dances and a variety of costumes and Christmas fun!
Other news is that we are finally getting a back-up generator! The City applied for and received a grant for $53,741 through Lorain County’s Community Development Block Grant program. The city has also chipped in another $10,158. So now, our lights (and kitchen appliances) will stay on in storms, mishaps, or whenever the electricity goes out. This unit will be located outside on the north end of the building and should be in by the end of the year.
Seniors, Inc. also received a federal grant for $50,617 for a new wheelchair lift van! Seniors, Inc. will chip in another $12,654 so we are up to code and have everything we need to transport everyone safely. We will keep the older van and use it as a back-up, but the new van will be ready to go early next year.
There are a lot of good things ahead, and as we end 2017, we look forward to 2018 and all the opportunities coming our way! As we get ready for the New Year, I would like to wish you all a very joyous and Blessed Holiday Season and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything!
Lots of Love to All,
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