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Mayor's Message

Mayor's Message

By now I’m sure you have heard or read somewhere that I’m retiring as your Mayor at the end of 2019.  I will have completed 16 years, four terms, as your Mayor and I’m just as excited and committed now as I was back in 2004 when I first took office.  It has truly been an honor to have served the residents of North Ridgeville!  What will I do in retirement you ask? I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family, traveling and simply enjoying the simple life out on Lake Erie in my fishing boat. And, let’s hope the fish are biting in 2020!

I will continue to work as hard in 2019 as I’ve done the past 15 years. There’s still work to be done!  We will continue to work diligently with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) on the widening of Center Ridge Road.  Because of the delay in utility relocation, ODOT has informed the City that the project completion date is anticipated to be in fall of 2020. 

Highlighted below are several projects that are currently underway or are planned for 2019:
  • Mills Creek Conservation and Flood Control Project. The City acquired the property necessary at the end of 2018 to move forward with the design for the conservation area and flood control detention basin.  The City was awarded approximately $1.4 million in grant funding from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for this project. To complete the plan in its entirety the cost is estimated at $4 million and will be done in phases.
  • Replacement of Maddock Road Bridge. After recent inspections and analyses, it has been determined that the bridge on Maddock Road over the Ridgeway Ditch is in need of replacement. The engineering and design work is scheduled for 2019 with bridge construction in 2020.
  • Crack Seal Program. The City will be contracting out additional pavement crack sealing to be done in tandem with our Service Department. The areas that will be included in the contract are Ridgefield and Waterbury subdivisions. A total of $75,000 was appropriated in the 2019 budget and is estimated to cover approximately 30 lane miles of crack sealing.
  • Catch Basin Rehabilitation Project. The City will be adjusting and/or reconstructing catch basins at various locations throughout the city. A total of $125,000 was appropriated and a priority list has been created by the Service Department.  The contractor will work on the priority list until the funds have been exhausted.
  • Westfield Wastewater Treatment Plant Decommissioning and Sanitary Sewer Extension. The Westfield Wastewater Treatment Plant has reached its useful life and will be decommissioned in 2019. The City will extend a new sanitary gravity main to tie into and accept the flow that previously entered the plant. The new gravity sewer main will tie into the Westerly sanitary trunk sewer at the corner of Shady Drive and Sugar Ridge Road.  The approximate cost of the decommissioning and sewer extension project is $3 million.
  • Water Main Replacement. There are frequent and numerous water main breaks on Stoney Ridge Road and Schaefer Drive. The water main will be replaced with new eight-inch water mains on Stoney Ridge from Center Ridge Road south to Schaefer Drive and west the entire length of Schaefer Drive. 
  • Pavement Condition Rating Project. The City has allocated $65,000 to enter into contract with a consulting engineering firm to identify the current pavement condition rating of all city roadway segments. The firm will gather and provide the necessary data and subsequent reports to the City to assist in the development of annual capital improvement plans and budgets and aid in the development and/or revision of long-range transportation infrastructure programs.
  • Mildred Street Reconstruction and Extension Project. The City conducted in 2018 the engineering work and right-of-way acquisitions to reconstruct and extend Mildred Street. The construction phase will take place in 2019 and when the project is completed, will provide continuous access from Avon Belden Road to Jaycox Road. The City applied and was awarded a grant from Ohio Public Works Commission in the amount of $350,000 to offset the cost of the approximately $1 million project.
If you have any questions regarding these projects, please feel free to call my office at (440) 353-0811 or the City Engineer’s Office at (440) 353-0842.


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