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Fire Stations
The North Ridgeville Fire Department operates out of two fire stations.

Fire station one which is located at 7090 Avon Belden Road was built in 1957 to house the volunteer fire department. In 1967, the fire department hired full-time employees and began to staff the building 24/7. In 1980, fire station one underwent an expansion which added two extra apparatus bays and living space. Currently, fire station one is the headquarters station which houses our administrative offices. The station has a minimum daily staffing of five members. The station houses a 100' aerial ladder (Truck 23), a fire engine (Engine 21), two ambulances (Medics 28 & 27), a wildfire truck (Car 24), a utility truck (Car 30), and the Dive/Rescue team trailer. The fire department is hoping to build a replacement for fire station one in the near future.

Fire station two which is located at 34523 Lorain Road was built in 1975. Fire station two was built to protect the residents on the south side of the city or "south of the railroad tracks". The station has a minimum daily staffing of three members. The station houses a 75' aerial ladder (Truck 22), an ambulance (Medic 26), and a back-up ambulance (Medic 25). Fire station two is appropriately located in the center of the Southeast quadrant of the city and should serve the city well for many years in the future.
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