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Swimming Pool Filling & Sanitary Sewer Credit Information

The process of draining a swimming pool is important because if it's not done properly it could be even more costly than filling one. If improperly drained, a pool could pop out of the ground and could thereby cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Below are a few helpful maintenance tips. Dumping the water near the pool structure is not safe and not recommended. The excess water will, in many cases, cause the water table at the pool to rise, which in turn causes hydrostatic uplifting pressure. This pressure can cause the pool shell to rise out of the ground even if the pool is full. Many pool owners opt to use a blue discharge/backwash hose to empty excess water into the street or to a high area of drainage in their yard, far away from the pool and deck.

As for the pool water's chemistry: The pH and amount of chlorine in a pool is generally close to and, at times, less than many municipal tap waters. This will not hurt the grass or the plants. If you plan to drain the pool water into a yard, make sure the water isn't super chlorinated or shocked. Most vegetation would likely be harmed by high levels of chlorine.

When work is completed on your pool's interior and it is time to refill, use a garden hose with a cotton sock securely tied to the end. The sock covers the copper end of the hose to prevent any metals from staining or leeching into the pool's interior surface. An average pool of 15,000 gallons should take about 14 to 16 hours to fill using a three-quarter inch hose. The new finish needs to be cured underwater at the same time, which means the pool must be filled continuously. Don't turn off the water until the pool is full; otherwise, the water could create a permanent mark in the interior finish.
The City of North Ridgeville does allow for a sanitary sewer credit based on the water consumption needed to fill the pool. According to city ordinance, there are two main requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for the sanitary sewer credit.

  1. The pool must be a minimum of four feet deep. 
  2. The amount of water used to fill the pool must be equal to at least 80 percent of the volume needed to fill the entire pool at the time of the filling. 

You must call the Public Utilities Department prior to filling the pool and if the pool is new, supply the new pool permit number issued by the North Ridgeville Building Department along with the size of the pool and the total gallons needed to fill it. If you have any questions regarding filling a swimming pool or swimming pool sewer credits, please call the Public Utilities Department at 353-0841.

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