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Single Home Sanitary Backwater Valve
Homeowners who have experienced sanitary sewage backup in the basement during heavy storm events may want to consider purchasing a backwater valve.  The product is designed to aid in the reduction and possible elimination of sewage back-ups into your basement due to infiltration during heavy storm events.  The device installed in-line with your sanitary sewer lateral to your property between the city main and your foundation is designed to stop the back up of sewage to a home when the sanitary sewer is over capacitated. This normally would only happen during heavy storm events.

Caution:  During these storm events it is necessary to limit or stop the use of all water from inside the home until the storm event has ended.  The one-way valve will stop any sewage from getting past the check valve and into your home but the use of water from the home during this time also will try to drain out to the sewer and will be stopped at the check valve and quickly back up into the home.  This device as well as it works is intended as a Damage Control Device only and does require family training so everyone in the home is aware. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 440-353-0842.
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