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Storm and Sanitary Sewers
A sewer is an artificial conduit (or pipe) or system of conduits used to carry and remove sewage and to provide drainage. Storm sewers are large pipes that transport storm water runoff from streets to natural bodies of water or absorptive areas to avoid street flooding.

We are routinely doing preventive maintenance cleaning of storm sewers and sanitary sewers. Regular maintenance of the storm sewers is important for flood control, structural integrity, and water quality. When needed we rebuild storm sewer catch basins which also reduces chances of flooding.

If you experience a blockage or water backup, contact the Service Department at (440) 353-0814.

The Service Department is responsible for repairing all city-owned water mains and fire hydrants.

If you observe water bubbling up or a continual wet spot in the pavement, ditch or grass areas of tree lawns, this may indicate a water main break or leak.

Contact the Service Department at 440-353-0814, after hours call the Police Department at 440-327-2191.
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