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Upcoming Permit Process Changes
Most construction activities in North Ridgeville require plan approval and the issuance of permits by the city. Necessary applications and review processes vary depending on the type of project. Please note that beginning June 3, there will be some changes in how the city processes residential and commercial permits. Engineering permits will now be required for certain construction activities. 

Notable changes in our processes and procedures include the following:
  • Four new engineering forms have been created: new subdivision application, residential project application, commercial/industrial project application and a water service supplemental form.
  • For new subdivisions and commercial projects, the city will no longer collect engineering deposits with Planning Commission applications. Engineering review will begin once the engineering permit application is submitted with the required plan review deposit.
  • For new dwellings, engineering permit applications must be accompanied by a $425 plan review fee.
  • When a Certificate of Occupancy is requested before final grading is approved, the final grade deposit amount has increased.
  • Driveways will be issued separate permits from aprons and sidewalks, which are located in the ROW.
  • Water and sewer taps will have two separate inspections: one for the tap at the city main and one for the connection from the ROW to the structure.
  • Permit fees will no longer be waived for work resulting from storm or fire damage.
Any fee changes will apply to projects where permit application is received on June 3 or after. Complete applications received prior to June 3 will continue to follow the fee schedule in effect at the time of application. Visit our Permits and Applications webpage for our new fillable applications, fee schedules and other reference materials.

Contact us at (440) 490-2081 with any questions as to how these changes may impact your projects.