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Request for Qualifications Human Resources Consulting Services
Human Resources Consulting Services
Request for Qualifications

Posting Date: October 1, 2023
Response Due Date: November 30, 2023

The City of North Ridgeville seeks Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from qualified firms for professional and technical services to provide human resource consulting services to the City. The intent of this RFQ is to secure a consultant with the qualifications, expertise and experience necessary to assist the City in the planning, organizing, managing and directing of the City’s human resources functions and operations. To be eligible for consideration, respondents must be capable of providing the services as set forth herein and must also meet or exceed all other criteria as outlined within this RFQ.

Located 22 miles west of downtown Cleveland in eastern Lorain County, North Ridgeville is a community of approximately 23 square miles and over 36,000 residents. The City is a home rule city with a Mayor-Council form of government. The elective officers of the City are the Mayor and seven (7) City Council members who are elected for four (4) year terms. The full time Mayor is the chief administrative official of the City with broad executive authority to conduct the day-to-day operations of the City. The city currently employs approximately 192 full time employees who are paid on a bi-weekly basis and receive various employee benefits. The city also employs approximately 21 permanent part-time employees some of which are paid on a monthly basis and various seasonal employees. The city consists of a variety of departments as shown in the attached organizational chart.

Scope of Services
The consultant will serve under the direction of the City Administration. While the services described below are provided for consideration in developing a response to the RFQ, the final scope of services will be determined and prioritized after notice of selection is provided to the most qualified firm, collaboratively with input from the City of North Ridgeville.

• Manager and supervisor training
• Development/modification of employee manuals
• Workers’ Compensation matters
• Family Medical Leave Act matters
• Americans with Disabilities Act matters
• Terminations and departures of employees; exit interviews
• Management and mitigation of personnel issues and internal conflict
• Development of long-term HR considerations, including succession planning and contingency/emergency planning
• Compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to employment
• Compliance with internal policies and procedures
• Conduct comparative salary studies of other municipal governments of similar size and demographic

Requirements for Statements of Qualifications
Provide the information requested below with a cover letter signed by the responding consultant or an officer of the firm.

Profile. Provide a description of the firm to include (i) the name of the firm; (ii) the ownership type; (iii) the year the firm was established; (iv) the firm’s office location(s); (v) the number of employees; (vi) a description of the firm’s core business lines; and (vii) the principal(s) of the firm.

Staffing. Include a list of personnel who will be assigned to work with the City, including the functions that each will perform and a summary of such individual’s credentials and experience. Proposer should demonstrate that the firm has adequate qualified staff with capacity to commence services beginning in January 2024. The successful proposer shall not subcontract any of the work without the prior written approval of the City.

Qualifications. Discuss in detail the experience of the firm with providing human resources consulting services to municipal government(s), and any other relevant experience within the past five (5) years. References/contact persons should be provided. The qualifications of the proposer and key staff who have performed projects similar in scope and complexity, especially to local governments of similar size and structure, should be included to demonstrate competence with respect to the services to be provided. Include a statement of the firm’s technical capabilities with respect to performing the services within the Scope of Services (personnel, equipment, material and experience).

Selection Procedures, Criteria and Process
Consultants interested in being considered for selection should respond by submitting one hard copy and one digital copy of their proposal to the address below by 4:30 PM on November 30, 2023. Responses received after 4:30 PM on the due date will not be considered.

City of North Ridgeville
Department of Finance
Human Resources SOQ
7307 Avon Belden Road
North Ridgeville, OH 44039
[email protected]

Factors to be evaluated include, but are not limited to, the qualifications of the firm and its key personnel, the firm’s approach to providing the requested scope of services, and any innovation and/or creative approaches to providing the requested types of services that result in additional efficiencies or increased performance capabilities.

Based on the SOQs submitted, the City of North Ridgeville may conduct interviews with top ranked consultants. Once a final ranking has been established, the City shall enter into contract negotiations with the highest ranked consultant to determine the final scope of services and budget.

Please contact Finance Director, April Wilkerson at (440) 353-0851 with any questions regarding this Request for Qualifications.

• City of North Ridgeville Organizational Chart
Attachments Available To Download:
Organizational Chart