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Center Ridge Road Widening Project

Purpose and Need for the Project

The Center Ridge Road Corridor Study, completed in 2006, evaluated congestion and accident rates on Center Ridge Road which is the main east-west artery roadway within North Ridgeville. The primary purpose and need for traffic improvements in the study area relate to safety and congestion. Crash data showed rates above the statewide average throughout the corridor, and showed an especially high level of rear-end accidents. The proliferation of closely spaced driveways along roadways contributes to a higher number of angle and rear-end accidents along Center Ridge Road. The highest rates are attributed to the large number of resulting conflict points. Some areas of the corridor are experiencing backups and congestion during peak hours under existing conditions. While some capacity improvements have been made to the roadway system, the rate of development and growth has outpaced upgrades made to the transportation network. The significant anticipated growth in this area is expected to further degrade the system. The study determined that the portion of Center Ridge Road between Stoney Ridge Road and Lear Nagle Road experienced roadway congestion failure due to the growing population of North Ridgeville. The study recommended increasing the capacity of Center Ridge Road by widening the existing three lane road to five lanes, implementing access control to reduce access points, and adding a sidewalk to the north side of the road and a multi-use path to the south to improve pedestrian safety.

Project Description
The proposed project adds an additional thru lane in each direction on Center Ridge Road, additional turn lanes at some locations, and constructs a six foot wide sidewalk on the north side of the road and a ten foot wide multi-use path on the south side of the road.

The following other improvements will be made:
  1. All existing pavement will be removed and replaced.
  2. The Center Ridge Road bridge and the Root Road bridge over French Creek will be replaced. 
  3. Curb and gutters, storm sewers, and street lights will be added.
  4. Stoney Ridge Road will be realigned to avoid impacts to the cemetery.
  5. Ridge Plaza Drive will be realigned to remove the offset intersection with the First Merit drive.
  6. Ridgeview Boulevard and Root Road will be realigned to remove the offset intersection.
  7. Eight existing traffic signals will be replaced, existing traffic signals will be removed at Ridge Plaza Road, the Ridgeville Center Plaza drive just west of Jaycox Road and Pat Catan’s because they are no longer needed, and one new traffic signal will be installed at the new combined Marc’s Plaza driveway.
  8. A new road, Sinta Run, will be constructed from Jaycox Road east to near the Marc’s Plaza ending in a cul-de-sac and Jaycox Road will be extended south of Center Ridge Road approximately 300’ ending in a cul-de-sac. A new access road will be constructed from Pitts Blvd. east to the Giant Eagle Plaza parking area.
  9. Access will be restricted at 42 existing driveways and modified at 30 existing driveways.
  10. The Olive Avenue intersection will be replaced with a cul-de-sac and Garden Street will be reconstructed.
  11. New sanitary sewer will be constructed a several locations within the project limits to sewer areas that are not currently sewered. The City of North Ridgeville will fund all of this work.
Additional land will be required to complete these improvements. This will result in the demolition of structures located on parcels owned by 15 different people.

Environmental Considerations
The project limits were evaluated for significant features, resources and issues such as woodlands, flood plains, wetlands, historic archaeological sites, historic buildings and properties, hazardous material or waste sites, and land. Two resources were identified as eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, two wetlands were located, 12 trees suitable for habitat for the Federally Endangered Indiana Bat were identified, and field work was completed on 22 sites for Phase I environmental site assessments and nine sites for Phase II ESAs. Additional Phase II ESA work will soon be completed at three of the sites and one new site. No other significant environmental resources were identified.

Maintenance of Traffic During Construction
This project is expected to require a two year construction period. Construction will be split into two stages with Stage 1 work being completed from just west of Jaycox Road to near Broad Ave and Stage 2 work running from west of Stoney Ridge to near Jaycox Road. All construction in Stage 1 will be completed prior to winter of the first construction season. The new roads and access roads will be completed prior to any construction on Center Ridge Road to provide traffic flow improvements during construction. Stage 2 construction will not begin until Stage 1is complete.

Three 10 foot lanes of traffic will be maintained throughout the corridor at all times; one lane of traffic in each direction and a two-way-left-turn lane. Temporary pavement will be required. Providing adequate access to the existing businesses during construction in the commercially developed area is a key component of the overall maintenance of traffic plan that will be implemented.

Design Considerations
Right of way plans are completed and design details have been completed through Stage 2 plans. Final roadway plans will be completed August 2014. All details presented tonight are based upon these designs and thus the final impacts may have minor changes. The primary purpose of the tonight’s meeting is to inform the community and property owners of right of way impacts and to explain the acquisition process.

Time Schedule
The tentative time schedule for construction is as follows:
  • Completion of Right of Way Plans: November 2013
  • Completion of Roadway Plans: August 2014
  • Right of Way Acquisition: November 2013 - September 2015
  • Building Demolition: December 2014 – June 2015
  • Utility Relocation: June 2015 – Summer 2017
  • Award Date: December 2017
  • Construction: April 2018 - Fall 2020 
Funding has been obtained for the completion of detailed design and right of way acquisition. A funding plan is in place for construction. ODOT is requesting funds from the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Committee for their portion of the construction cost.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the City of North Ridgeville's Engineering Department at 440-353-0842.
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